Date: 2016
Role: Design Lead
Responsibilities: Brand strategy, user research, user experience

CHOXUE — Making sports easier for Asian schools

球學 CHOXUE ( Qiu Xue ) is a sports education company which aims to make sports a part of education in Asia. We aspire to change attitudes in Asia cultures which have a chasm between athletics and academics through our technology.

CHOXUE = Sports + Academies

1. Platform

For organizers to schedule games; coaches to manage team and student-athletes to maintain their growth.

2. CHOXUE Invitational

Home-away games for regional clan that has a fair constitution and focus on culture and professional skills exchange.

3. Broadcast and live stats tool

For game organizers and coaches to have a better game experience and get more exposure.

[fig 1] Brand logotype redesigned

Renew the Brand

Create a flexible logo which also makes symbol and wordmark look connected is my goal for this redesign project.

[fig 2]

CHOXUE is a company with 15-20 employees. But they all have different views on their business value. I sat down with their funding team to help organize and clarify their brand values. I launched the brand guideline on my second month there and informed the importance of making the brand audit consistent at our early stage by developing the presentation templates and guide for the team to help shape design as a part of our company culture.

Field studies and interviews

CHOXUE aims to change the sporting culture in Asia. We start from approaching the decision-maker: principals and parents and coaches to use our tools also join our clans to play our games. Those data directly upload on our platform which also supports us to build players profile and bring them into our ecosystem.

The Platform

A Platform that has schools, teams and games data

Key user flow

We developed the user flow for coaches, which is the main user at our early stage, to easily find their team’s news feed and schedule. Seamlessly get updated for their team’s stats, effortlessly interact with other schools’ coaches, and re-new his or her experience in a structured personal profile.

CHOXUE Invitational

A basketball invitational with the goal to educate not compete

We help schools form regional clan to play home-away games called Invitational. Which has a fair constitution and focus on culture and professional skills exchange. Through the combination of game and technology, we empower a network of schools to organize competitions and get global exposure easily.


Take basketball court as the design structure to strengthen the spirit of home-away game. And use “i” to tell our Invitational values.


We bring players and coaches online and build team profile to help establishing their team identity and reputation.


We value invitation not competition.


Cross cultural exchange and professional skills exchange.

Credits and thanks to

Awill Wang, UX Designer
David Yu, Front-end developer