Date: 2016
Role: Designer
Responsibilities: Visual identity, art direction
Recognitions: Featured on Behance, It's Nice That

Maybe — Passing the walls to turn "maybe" into an absolute

Visual identity for the design department at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Behind "Maybe"

The word ‘maybe’ carries a sense of uncertainty and yet it has the potential of limitless possibilities. We titled this exhibition Maybe because it captures the state of mind many undergraduates face when transitioning from school to society.

The Walls We Face

These walls symbolize challenges and obstacles that all designers face. The change in frame from the front, to the side and finally to the back denotes the design workflow: defining problems, foreseeing the problems, and solving the problems. Only when we move forward, and pass these walls can we see the whole picture, which makes MAYBE an absolute.

Credits and thanks to

Huang Wun-Siang, Designer
Tu Min-Shiang, Mentor

Hi! I'm Zoe,

a product designer based in San Francisco with 5 years of experience working on product strategies, interaction and visual design. I've designed in both mobile and desktop across technology, education and entertainment industries.

I thrive working between compact cross-functional teams with ambiguous problems. Currently leading a product design team at Lyte.

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Lyte, Lead Experience Designer

Developed and shipped new features to keep tickets among fans and away from scalpers


Lyte, Senior Designer

Delivered features and built brand to increase fans' confidence when returning or requesting tickets from the official ticket exchange

CHOXUE, Design Lead

Drove product research and redesigned brand to redefine company focus and raised a successful fundraising round


BASSIC, Co-founder & designer

Led brand development and formalized early user engagement


Ministry of Education, Visual designer

Designed international conferences' visual identity



UC Berkeley

Graduate Certificate Program,Strategic Brand Management, Global Business


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Design and Visual Communications, General