Date: 2018
Role: Senior Designer
Responsibilities: Build internal tool, design new brand identity and voice and tone

Lyte Design Guide — The internal resource tool

The company started off with letting fans request and return tickets to sold out shows. Over the years, we have expanded product capabilities that make us rethink what Lyte stands for and how to communicate that within the company and to our fans.

Fill Every Seat,Make Ticketing Magical for Fans

We empower every fan to get and return tickets without price gouging or fraud. And every rights-holder to have control over their secondary ticketing revenue and data, to guard their fan's experience.

We want to serve as the protocol to protect and enrich all parties.

The Lyte Wire

A single continuous line, that weaves through the live events ecosystem, powering and connecting. Subtle in presentation, yet full of energy and power to be tapped into.

The conduit through which our brand strategy travels: the power up and protocol is transmitted through “The Lyte Wire”.

[fig 1] Brand Guide

The Brand Guide

It takes everyone at Lyte not just the design team to implement the brand across all our touchpoints. We soon launched the brand guide and sent out swags to raise the awareness of the brand.

Voice and Tone

We set up the voice and tone guide and writing principles when we were launching the help center, the principles help the team to hold up to the same standard when publishing the article.

Balance between verbal and visual communication

Using visuals to communicate the message can leave a lasting impact on fans and clients, but may be open to interpretation. Using language alongside visuals provides context to the image and ensures the meaning of the message is clear. Verbal communication, whether written or spoken, is considered to be easier and more straightforward.

Writing in different emotional experiences

Our fans come to us when they're experiencing complicated emotions. Either they didn't get tickets or they got the tickets but can't make it anymore. We're here to quell their concerns. Writing in Lyte should be extra careful about the context of the journey, providing the information with the right tone that suits their emotional states.

Always think about user needs and business goals

Our fans and clients are always in the center of our heart. Whenever talking to them, we should always put their needs first. By seeking out chances to share Lyte's mission, we are evangelizing future brand advocates.

[fig 2] Platform

[fig 3] internal site

Internal Website Development

Advocate the Brand Efficiently

Within 2 years, we have grown from 8 to 60+ people across 3 offices. The increase of questions around "Where can I download ___?" proves that Google Drive has failed us. To spread the brand while using the least resources, I built and launched — even better — we pulled in HR onboarding content in so that everyone, old or new, is now going to the site to get what they need.

Justin Director of Client Service

This is literally the most useful resource at Lyte!!

Credits and thanks to

Amadeo, Design oversight
Alexandra, Copy support
Jon, Graphic design

Hi! I'm Zoe,

a product designer based in San Francisco with 5 years of experience working on product strategies, interaction and visual design. I've designed in both mobile and desktop across technology, education and entertainment industries.

I thrive working between compact cross-functional teams with ambiguous problems. Currently leading a product design team at Lyte.

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Lyte, Lead Experience Designer

Developed and shipped new features to keep tickets among fans and away from scalpers


Lyte, Senior Designer

Delivered features and built brand to increase fans' confidence when returning or requesting tickets from the official ticket exchange

CHOXUE, Design Lead

Drove product research and redesigned brand to redefine company focus and raised a successful fundraising round


BASSIC, Co-founder & designer

Led brand development and formalized early user engagement


Ministry of Education, Visual designer

Designed international conferences' visual identity



UC Berkeley

Graduate Certificate Program,Strategic Brand Management, Global Business


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Design and Visual Communications, General